There was a time when metal ruled the world. A day when almost every band had an original, killer sound. Today that era is called Old School.

But Old School does not mean that it is gone, and that's what Old School Metal Records is all about. We are a new record label determined to find and promote those bands that know how to craft a great song with talent and skill, rather than with technology and effects.

We are after those bands that have an attitude, that live, wear, sweat and breath metal, not those who pose it. We remember and miss the times when our necks hurt from headbanging; our minds flew many miles away from listening to intelligent, brave, determined lyrics. We miss those days where it was all about becoming a better musician day by day instead of looking to a bank account on a daily basis.

Nowadays metal has been tainted so we need the taste of old blood again, specially in a world that is turning down to be more hypocritical and trendy. Nowadays old school metal seems to be fading away and soon it can be forgotten. That's why we are here, to bring back the furious, rabid angst of pure metal, to revamp that feeling that alone helped to develop a sound, a mystique that still drives our daily life. We are here because if we were not metalheads, we do not know what our lives would be.

We are after that pure raw non fabricated aggression relayed onto guitars, bass and drums that crafted the souls and essence of millions of people. In metal we trust, therefore, Old School Metal Records is born.

Old School Metal Records is a new record label based out of California, United States. We are a multicultural, multiracial independent effort with the primary mission of bringing back something that we miss, and that we believe still has a place in this world.

We are in the process of signing some really talented bands, we have ears and eyes on almost every corner of the world and we are determined to succeed. This is a call to arms for every unsigned band that has the balls to make front to the trendy reality of metal music today.

Old School Metal Records - Bringing it to you Oldschool Style!

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